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Thursday, April 21, 2005

i had a shitty day because the print shop screwed me over and made me wait like ten million years to pick up some stickers (aka "sign layovers") for my job in long beach, (LBC REPRESENT!) and welp, now i'm sitting here getting nervous about going to see my shrink. im going to go as high as humanly possible, because i feel that i should be myself.

i still have a lot of driving to do tonight, north hollywood and back, but it's all god, i like night driving, and it's worth it for the mega bucks that they pay me.

everyone's being so nice to me lately, it's geting me a little scared. is this some kinda sign that im in for a shit ton of misery? more updates on that later.

over my shoulder while i ignore her, bigtanky is carving up my piece of shit target rug jamming to superfly. how typical. hehehe...

i'm prepared not to like this shrink, just because this costs a fortune, and it's a pain in the ass to shop around fo ra shrink... it still doesn't mean i should fit a square peg into a round hole. and believe me, im as square as they get.

i am so in need of a giant materialistic luxury item purchase type thing. where's the double sign job when you need one? that's how i bought my ipod, i came off a weekend rocking a pocket full of 2grand, and well... what's an ipod when you got loot like that?

i need a PSP. replace need with "can't live without". and i went and checked them out at the game stop next to the east west bank inside the 99 cent ranch market (a chinese assed market if you ever saw one) and they had it for like $259.00. i could save up for that, eh? i'd make a amazon wishlist with that on there, but im stoned not presumptuous. my birthdays in a couple months, maybe if i hint to it enough, it will just happen by june 7th.

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