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Sunday, April 17, 2005

i blacked out most of last night.

i guess after the barr we went to the pool, and i danced like a maniac, and passed out in an awkward position, half on my bed.

i hate blacking out because i get so nervous about what i could have done/said. apparently i didn't do/say anything notable (thank god).

i remember bits and peices tho, and mostly i blame the mai tais. they taste like they are just some fruity slushee, but then four or five of them later... you become a human tilt a whirl.

its a big deal for me to get that drunk, because its just not me, man. im a pot smoker who drinks, not a drinker who smokes pot. get me?

i hope to be eating normally by tuesday.

btw, i bought the cheeseburger pizza from dominos pizza... it was astonishingly horrific.

one last day of signjobbing sans helper in the fine city of anacrime. im running out of money, and im winning the local moustache contest. there's like one flimsy bong hit left, and then im dusted.

bunny macintosh from georgia leaves on an airplane tomorrow morning. she was an excellent visitor, like usual. b-mackson slept in the spider room, and miraculously survived the ordeal. maybe the spiders don't like east coast skin.

i called up whitey to come smoke me out, and he flaked on me 100%. but that was sorta to be expected. ryan is like a wild roaming buffalo. it just goes where it wants, nahmean?

and i dont know man, i must be in some kinda lofty mood, because i dont hate the world for once. you can call it what you will, but my cell phone told me something nice, and usually it tells me nothing. thank goodness i didn't smash it with my sledge hammer, in that fit of rage a few days ago. i knew i needed it for SOMEthing.

and on that note, i go full throtle to the beer bottle, collecting the risidual drippity drops, and i shall retire on my bed, face up in my underwear, without any sheets or covers, smoking a dunhill menthol, and burning my chesthair with the lit cherry.

torrance boulevard represent!

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