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Friday, April 22, 2005

the first time i ever met stuart was at the TIGF fridays in torrance. him and his ladie friend were drinking at the bar, and big tanky was tight with them all, so i figured, "they gots to be good peeps."

sho 'nuff, they were good peeps, and to my surprise willing to buy me (a perfect stranger) a tall ass glass of guiness.

i could tell from the give and take between stuart and the bartender that they knew eachother and were pallies at the very least.

big tanky and angela, the afore mentioned lady friend, stepped out to have some private girl chatter, and stuart and i sat silently next to each other. both of us staring at a different TV hung from the cieling, perhaps each of us on a different ESPN chanel. or maybe he was on fox sports west, who knows. and just before he stepped off to the mens room, he leaned in and told me, "hurry up and finish that beer, so we can get you a new one on the next round..."

i remember being so honored and stoked that i was gonna have two beers (and not budweisser!!) and it was nothing but hospitality. the same reason i was nice to them was the reason they were nice to me... respect for mutual friendship.

then there was this one time that it was someone's birthday, i think it was stu's brother kieth. well i was invited, and i went, and it was rad, and i'll tell you why... QUESOCDILLAS! chicken ones. they were free and being served up buffet style all night long baby. well perhaps not all night... i think we boned out before things got as crazy as they can be.

and then angela had this birthday, where she basically got me loaded at her loverly decorated house (it's got feng shue, oh yah) and bigtanky and ang' told me tales of fontana-folklore, and inland-empire-mythology. but when the two longtime homegirls got too deep into the story for anyone but themselves to follow, stuart and i would raise an eye brow at eachother, and then dive back in trying to figure out which particular grubb brother fit into which particular fontana story. ect.

anyways. stuart's blog is new, and he is a dawg indeed. ask anyone. but if you diss him, come answering here first... cuz he's one of anti's dawg's, ya hear me?

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