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Monday, April 25, 2005

the biggest mistake i ever made was joining the yahoo video blogger community.


these are the kind of people that will suck the fun and life and GRAVITAS out of anything man. they just do. they over indulge in talking about bullshit that doesn't matter.

i guess that same is true with any group of anything. take painters for example. there's some of the people in the scene who just want to be noticed at all the "right" parties, and have no soul, becaus they never even have time to do what they love. or to just shut up about it for at least ten seconds.

this one time big tanky took me to this mark ryden painting arteest thingy, and she wouldn't speak to me in front of the art, and her reasoning was that she was so annoyed with art-fags talking pretentiosly about art they know nothing about, so they can appear as though they are "more down for the cause" than the average citizen, and really... it's just a giant fucking gwatt of what makes any scene ugly.

the idiots. either be one, or hate one.

so these fucking people in the video blogging community... they all have these fucking generic lame ideas of what video blogging "should" be, and what merits a good vlog post, and what is the ediquette, and what do other reccomend about this and that...


fucking stop emailing so fucking damn much, and learn with trail and error like the rest of the world. and leave my email box alone. it's exhausted.

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