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Thursday, April 28, 2005

the best part about living in a city like los angeles, or any major city, is that out of towners end up in your town, and you get a chance to pick them up from the airport.

we picked up angelina from LAX at a 1/4 till ten oclock, tanky and i, and headed to A's swank hotel on the santa monica shoreline. and when i say swank, i mean it with a capital "uhmph!!!!"

after check in, and being completely blown away with the fabululousness that is the hotel room, we swung back down to the lobby for drinks, and began touring the grounds. can i just say... Angelina's Employers must be sawing off an arm and a leg to pay for her to party down at such an obviously more-than-i-could-ever-afford type crib.

i like it when im out drinking with fellow nicotine addicts, because that way we have strength in numbers, and besides... that whole treat your body like a temple dealy is over rated.

i subscribe to the treat your body like a casino, belief system.

anyways, there was this reserved section that had couches, and heaters, and a canopy, and poolside ambiance that made us wonder is we had teleported into a miami vice episode.

all in all it's pretty awesome when visitors come to town, especially when theys like to party. (and lets face it, if you rang ME up... you LIKE to party.)

i went and hung with a-dot for a minute today, and we twisted up a doobie and pndered the sciences behind fruity sees candie chocolates. (free chocolates come with the room, illen eh?) and we figured out that the white on white candy thingy was the fruitiest of the fruity chocolates, in fact... i believe angelina dubbed him liberace.

but it makes a helluva chaser for the makers mark shots we took whilst on a minifridge booze raid.

i eventually peaced out allowing the out of towner some time to paint her nails, or throw paper airplanes off of her 4th story balcony, pshhh... who knows.

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