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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

what you want to do is stop giving a fuck. i hate crying and "wah wah" bullshit. caring is not sharing, unless you want to be "sharing" something comparable with spreading disease and illness.

it's been proven to me that it's a hard place for some people to tap into. "letting go makes me so uncomfortable, man..." is what they tell me. but they never even tried it once... they don't KNOW that letting go will make them uneasy because they've never tried it, but they're convinced all the same.

insurance on a car is something you get in case of an accident, so that you are protected. but can you use that logic to justify carrying a gun? not everything continues to make sense when you change the variables, as we all know carrying a gun is a good way to up the ante in a bad way, and perhaps end up dead yourself.

a country full of idiots and fools paying out the ass for a finite fuel, and letting their governemt distract them with baseball players inflating their craniums with synthetic hromones, and a piece of brain dead mass rotting in florida. GENIUS! all whilst our boys are dying for a war no one understands.

and we want to get indignant when we're refered to as ulgy americans, proving that objective truth was not to be tolerated. agree with us, or die by the sword. welcome the the NEW america.

the bait you with the promise of a pot of gold at the end of all the hoops they want you to jump through... but you only realize it is a mirage when it's too late, and you;re at the point of no return.

they call marines jar heads because they say that in the process of their training the US Military essentially unscrews the top of their head like a jar, and removes the brain they entered with, and insert the brain that they want.

but it's naive to assume that EVERY AMERICAN, young and old, black and white, male and female, are not subjest to the same conditioning.

we are conditioned to fucking high hell.

but it's only that way because we've been fooled, and after they violent bloody revolution, AFTER things are corrected and made right by those who are willing to die for GOOD and WHAT IS RIGHT...

it will crumble again. things will become rotten again. it is the cycle.

it's life.

the fears you hear in your head, and the things you are afraid of are irrational. you need not fear anything.

the phone has been shut off by the phone company once again, maybe they are trying to tell me something. it would have been easier if they just called me, i mean, i thought only chicks dropped hints. pshhh.

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