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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, March 25, 2005

So I will sit here in my computer chair, naked, wearing nothing but a $5 trucker hat I bought at 7-11, with the chair leaned back, and my arms moving only to execute the inhale/exhales of my cigarette smoke.

hrm... My shoulder itches. Wait!!! So does my butt.

ever notice that little kids love to be naked? I think that's awesome about them, I am no different than they are in sense that I loved to be naked when I was a tiny little piece of shit too...

I just never stopped liking it.

I mean why do we wear clothes at all?? (assuming the weather is nice enough to permit is, of course)

why are the penis and, tits and ass bad things? They seem like wonderful things to me.

sex and sexuality should be celebrated, and not be treated like a shameful thing.

I rub my penis until stuff spits out of it. SO FUCKING WHAT?!?!? Who doesn't?

most of you chicks are busy polishing your pearls too (you buncha bean flickers), so no one can throw stones. And yet, we pretend like sex and sexiness is a bad thing.

even Michael Jackson rubbing little boys shouldn't be as big a deal as it is. I mean.... So he's no better than your common catholic priest, big fucking whup. Catholic priests have been putting their thumbs in little boys butts for DECADES.

this post makes no sense at all, I have no clue what my point is. I SO need to stop drinking coffee past midnight.

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