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Monday, March 28, 2005

it's been deemed video blogging week 2005, and so id like to repeat information that will hopefully get more of you (my fellow blogonians) to start posting video footage of yourself.

it is FREE to host video. what a wonderful world we live in today! go to and step #3 will get you going, and all that good shit. step #4 is like whatever... you don't have to CRACK OUT on it like me... but you can at least do step 3.

just like blogging, don't start thinking to yourself, "oh man, im so lame, i have nothing to video that will be interesting/funny"

YOU'D BE SURPRISED!!! people are strange, and apparently they have a vouyeristic tendency, and it doesn't even matter if it's as mundane as brushing your teeth. in fact, my next video post will be JUST THAT. it will be my best one yet.

here's the ideal tho... you set up your camera facing you, start recording, and say hi... and talk for a minute or two about nonesense. or just sit there and show us the kitch you have sitting around your computer, or give us a tour of your apartment. or do a bonghit!!!! that is an old stand by for me (obviously)

this is videoblogging WEEK man. i will post a few everyday this week... and now's your perfect excuse to try it out, and see if you like it. AND YOU CAN DO IT FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEE.

thanks, and please, let me know when you get to it, i wanna watch em.

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