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Thursday, March 24, 2005


i wish more beggers were straight up with me, honestly is something i see worthy of a reward.

"can you spare any change? my car is stranded, and i need to take the bus to pasadena..."

YAH FUCKIN RIGHHHHHT. you don't have a car you liar, and you prolly don't even live in pasadena. it's such bullshit... that im honestly impressed at your ability to keep a straight face.

so i will give you a fistfull of pennies, don't spend it all in one place. and who knows there might even be some dimes or nickles in that fistfull.

there was one cool begger who believed he only deserved some of our pocket change, after he made us laugh with a joke. the one he told about OJ Simpson made me laugh...

"whats the difference between the lion king and OJ Simpson? One is an african lion... and one is a lyin african."

but if there was ONE guy who was honest enough to say,

"im gonna use this money to get as drunk as humanly possible"
not only would i give him the $, but i might just drive him down to the circle k, and buy him his booze FOR him.

malt liquor, yall.

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