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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i JUST got the weekend off work, and i know about a plan that is in action to go to mexico on friday. BUT HERE'S THE LAME PART...

the people going are MY MOM, two of HER SISTERS, and my GRAND PARENTS.

not exactly the group you picture in your head when you try to imagine the EPITOME of partiers.

but regardless, some friends of mine, and myself, have been mexico-mental. we want to go so bad. it's just a few hours away... it's SO mexican, if you stay a night or two, DON'T DRINK THE WATER, and get the fuck home before you're completely dehydrated (you can only drink beer whilst there, remember no water) then its all good.

and if you're smart, you know how to smuggle a backpack full of buttlerfly knives.

but the odds are that im not GOING ANYWHERE, and i will just have to give my mom some cash for her visit to La Pharmacia when she crosses the border over there in yuma.

i have no idea why they like to cross in yuma. my family is odd.

maybe i will be allowed to kick it at her house while she is out of town for the night. her big screen TV is as big as my whole wall. no lies.

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