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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

drive through restaurants are not that hard to figure out. there should be a training class that teaches the proper's a quick how to:

#1. don't order more than $30.00 worth of food through the drive through. you are an asshole, and all the world hates your taking-too-long car.

#2. do not take longer than 30 seconds to rifle through your food, checking for accuracy. if you're taking up to 5 minutes to make sure that your breakfast burrito has the country sauce on the side, then you are satan's incarnate.

#3. ok so you have an extremely loud stereo system. good for you, YOU OWN SUB WOOFERS. now turn that bass down, because you rattling license plate frame is tackier than all holy hell, and no one is impressed.

#4. if you pay in change you deserve to die.

#5. scoot your ass up! if you're no touching the bumper of the car in front of you, then it's obvious that you're TRYING to fuck with ME.

#6. stop staring at me in your side mirror, you motherfucker.

#7. if you are in MY car, know what the fuck you want to eat well before we get there. if i am placing the order, and you dont know what you want already, im not gonna wait around for you to figure it out. i have a life to live.

#8. if you are in my car, and you touch one of my french fries, i have the right to spit a loogie on your face.

#9. none of these rules apply to myself. i never practive what i preach.

and #10. FUCK YOU.

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