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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


whitey was gonna drive 6 hours through the night to get to santa cruz yesterday evening. so i told him he has to at the very least take me to delaer mcdope's house to score a baggie because my truck is tupac spelled backwards. (caput)

we went, and dealer mcdope took his sweet time. he played for us the new sage francis album, and whitey and i agreed, sage sounds like he's fallen off.

i totally flaked on all my plans and errands today. no bank, and no car battery. but i DID get high. i have the bong in my lap as i type.

whitey just came back over to grab the cell phone he forgot, so i guess he hasn't left for the cruz yet.

there's an african lion roaming around the ronald reagan library. but they're aren't sure... they can only see the tracks, it might be a tiger. WTF?

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