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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


when you're hearing someone tell you something, you really need to consider a lot of things.

it doesn't matter if it's the TV, the radio, a stranger, or your best friend, nothing that you are told should be taken at face value. that's what someone does when they dont like thinking, or when they want others to do the thinking FOR them.

everyone's an idiot and has it all wrong, first of all, and secondly they have an agenda, and most importantly you should never give up thinking for yourself... your own thoughts and feelings are the most true and honest things you'll EVER EVER find in this evil world.

and it's not the world that's evil, it's the people in it, and NOT ALL of them.... you're not born evil... it's just very seductive and blinding.

you have to wonder why someone chooses to believe what they are telling you. OR if they truly believe it at ALLL... maybe they know its a lie, but they want YOU to believe it. eh?

i have noticed in life that the people who know often dont care about whether or not anyone else figures it out. which is very unlike the people who have no idea, and whom want you to be just confuse as they are. it's fucked, and thats honestly exactly what missionaries are.

i say take everything you are told with a grain of salt, and stay open minded, and use what you heard as the skeleton to what you are going to research and find out the answers to ALL BY YOURSELF.

do you know how to do that? it's not easy, there's no ONE WEBSITE to go to, in fact... i'd suggest reading something produced only in hard copy.

im lucky, because when i want to know the answers to life's questions, social issues, or even politics... i just ask big tanky what SHE thinks.

she already read everything known to man.

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