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Monday, February 28, 2005

on the radio right now im listening to the two biggest fucking retards.

it's the talk show that comes on before howard stern and it runs from 10pm-3am, and right now they are obsessed with some story (that could be fake for all i know) about a guy who was arrested for having admitted to fucking a Cow over 50 times.

in the story the guy who was the cowfucker would go get drunk at a strip club, and then hop a local farmers fence, and tie up a cow and "let her have it".

the guys on the radio are calling the cowfucker a deviant, and a menace to society who should be locked up.

i have to admit i don't blame the talk radio guys for their childish laughter. the thought of some redneck country bumpkin idiot making a cow go "Moo..." that's funny. even if it's only barely funny. but i dont get why they think this cowfucker is a "menace to society" ... why is it wrong for a man and a cow to be naked in privacy together? the thing is, i dont see how it's any of my business what they do alone together.

at one time it was illegal for a black person and a white person to get married in this country.

i don't see any difference between outlawing inter-racial marriage, and outlawing gay marriage.

or outlawing cowfucking.

dude, man, bro... this country is so fucking up it's ass about sexuality. "thank you puritan roots!"

the cowfucker guy is extreme. i mean, yah that's creepy in the sense that i wouldn't wanna shake his hand unless i was wearing gloves... but people's sexual business is none of my business.

go ahead and do what floats yoru boat as long as your not hurting anyone, and yadda yadda

and these dumb old white (republican) men in power. they're so blind to how awesome gay-ness is. i mean, it's simple math...

the more fags there are... the less competition for pussy!!! if there were no fags, man.... there'd be just X more dudes out there edging you out of your fair share of punani.

if i was an elected politician making up laws over there on capitol hill, not only would i legalize gay marriage, if i saw a dude who was a threat to some pussy i wanted to score on, i'd make a law where i could say he has to be gay or recieve a felony.

that way, all the john stamos's and brad pitt's and whoever else these chicks seem to go nuts over (justin timberlake, larry king, ect) are outta da picture. got me?

i think the people who have the most problem with gays co-existing in america are the most obvious in-the-closet fags. like this one signwalker i had who told me he HATED brittany spears because he used to be a fan, but changed his mind after he saw two guys kissing in her music video.

i gave him a weird look, and realized he was totally obsessed with homosexuality. i said, "you're not too tolerant of fags, eh?" and wondered to myself how he was able to take his eyes off brittany spears long enough to focus in on some gay shit in the backround.

so here's the bottom line. i think fags should fag it up all they want, because i could care less... and the people who are all trying to hate on the fags, well, just admit it... hating on fags is pretty fucking gay.

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