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Thursday, February 17, 2005

my job this weekend is again REDLANDS CALIFORNIA. about a two hour drive from my house.

my boss was generous, and mindful enough to not only pad my pay a little extra to account for the extra long drive, but he's also en route to deliver me my fistful of signwalking cashola, because there's not really an East West Bank in redlands. and that's the bank we use.

i can't wait for him to get here because i have some killer weed i bought from dealer McDope last night. straight imported from Santa Cruz California... i think it's outdoor... "MMMMM, OUTDOOOR!!!"

so i don't have a helper this weekend yet, and im not 100% sure i need one, because most of the signs and shit are still built from last weekend. i also got tight with this camp that lives right off the east bound alabama street exit of the I-10. that's my back up signwalking crew waiting to make the dolla dolla bill yall.

ya betta axe somebody.

right now im weighing the pros and cons of getting a cheap tweaker motel room out there, instead of having 4 hours of round trip commuting each day. THE PROS: less driving, more time to masterbate and i can have a place to shower and shit through out the day while my signwalker smile and wave at cars like obedient worker bees. and there will prolly be cable tv, which i don't have at home.

the cons are few but VERY IMPORTANT. the main cons i can see are friday night, and sat'nite stuck in a shit hole town twiddling my thumbs sitting alone at the motel 6. i'd rather shove a rusty guitar string up my pee hole, it's true.

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