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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, February 25, 2005

life's too short, and things move too fast. you have a few choices keeping that in mind... live today, or risk never living at all.

stop waiting for some magical day when you'll finally stop waiting, and start enjoying life.

that day can be today, that day should have been everyday for the last decade or so.

what's the point of being a safety squirel packing away walnuts for the big winter that NEVER COMES. i mean... at some point you wanna slap the little fella and say, "hey man, you have enough walnuts... go frollick in the daisies or whatever squirels do for kicks."

of course while the little shit is off galavanting and what not, i'll grab a handful of walnuts, because fuck man... those things look tastey!

i love my job, for instance because it forces me to be outside for hours and hours, and i suck up some beautiful scenery along the way, and snap photos of things that catch my eye, and make the most out of it. im not some grumpy gus the whole time. and why... is because i wanna be burried with a tombstone that reads, "anti smiled more than YOU"

don't you want that for YOURS?

because we're all dead eventually. so make the most out of this pointless existence. and it is pointless.

boy will i feel like a shmuck if im sitting on my death bed looking back on years and years of "playing it safe" and making sure "everyting was going to work out"

i say give up on all that shit. i say just shrug your shoulders at it, and when things work out, you can say, "whoa! i didn't even have to try!" because you didn't have to try.

let go control. you're a control freak, and you can't control EVERYTHING, so learning to let go will be a good thing to learn how to do. because i've seen some control freaks REALLY melt down from that sorta thing. have you ever seen that movie "pushing tin" ? the movie sorta deals with this, so go rent it.

this is why whitey is/was/always will be MY IDOL. the kid has control over only one thing and ONE THING ONLYYYYYY. and that's his happiness.

the cops can slam him with a DUI, the lawyers can slap him with heavy ass Fees, the DMV can take away his drivers license, his dream girl can break his heart, and that's when whitey comes over to my house to go skateboarding and do thai chi barefoot in the sunset.

how rad is that?

you can't rattle him, he remains happy, and his mood is infectious. it's half of why everyone who meets him is whitey's newest best friend.

if only we all knew what whitey seems to know.

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