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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


it's true you have to want it bad enough, or it will never come to reality.

you have to want it so bad, that you'll do whatever it takes to get it. even if that means doing without a small pleasure NOW in hopes of a larger pleasure LATER.

its fucked too, because there's no garantee, there's no magic 8 ball that knows, and there's nothing you have at all actually. nothing but FAITH in YOURSELF. which is the only thing you should have faith in, btw... what else do you really got?

my mom is my ultimate role model because she's fierce, ruthless, and stops at nothing to get what she wants. and even WHAT SHE WANTS alone is inspirational... she seeks the truth.

but it was a trip the one day i was in highschool and my mom came in and told me whats up. she said that i could smoke cigarettes, and skip going to college... IN FACT... for all she cared, i could be a career pizza delivery guy.

she told me that the more i wanted in life meant the HARDER i'd have to work. she said that if i was happy with not wanting a lot, and not working very hard... SO BE IT. it's my life to choose how to live it any way i please afterall, ain't it?

but what it did was make me realize that the only person who's gonna make me either a financial success, or a happy person, or ANYTING was me, and ONLY ME. in fact, even if i was a homeless dregg leaching on the bleeding hearts of others... i'd be to blame to.

big tanky was reading parts of my blook and she looked up at me and told me that according to earlier blog posts i had written, i'm living my fantasy life.

i smoke pot all i want, i sleep whenever i choose, and my work schedule pays top dollar for the fewest amount of days humanly possible to survive. (3-4 day workweeks. 3-4 day weekends!!)

im happy with who i am, where im at, and mostly WHERE IM HEADED... and i have myself and my hard work (or lack there of) to thank.

go me!

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