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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, February 28, 2005


it's like when someone sees a movie before me, and tries to tell me if i would like it or not. i mean, i appreciate their concern... but i think i'd like to find out for myself, because im a fucking weirdo and i usually like what ppl hate, and hate what ppl like. i dont do it on porpose, it's just me being me.

anyways, the way the Bush administration works is, they're like movie critics who instead of telling if they think you will like a movie or not....

they destroy and outlaw movies they don't think you'll like, and only allow the ones they think you will like.

but im using movies as a simile for how the government operates as a whole.

and with that said, i don't want some fucking movie critic telling me what sucks and what doesn't. last night on the Academy awards, "million dollar baby" won best movie. that's horse shit. that movie looks terible to me, and 100% unappealing, and no one asked me what movie *I* thought deserved an oscar. i would have said "I, Robot" because i hate that movie, and i think it should be honored for how lousy it is, sorta like when they make the highschool retard into the prom king. it's funny.

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