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Saturday, February 19, 2005

it became clear this morning that i was was lucky to get my car started, and if i didn't want to have to call for roadside service.... i had ot keep the car on all day.

so i did.

at the gas station they warn against fueling your vehicle while you're engine is running, because you will explode or something. this is total horse shit, of course.

the sign also warns that static electricity will blow yourself up too. BULLSHIT!!!! if that was true, you'd see Al Queda motherfuckers rubbing their shoes on the carpet inside their cars, and blowing up service stations from here to timbuktu.

the other warnings on the sign, is smoking cigarettes, and using cell phones. both will make you explode.

but i think they just put the people on their cell phones exploding as WISHFUL THINKING. cigarettes is the only thing that makes SLIGHT sense to me.

but man, not really.

i ignore all gas station rules, and i haven't blowed up YET. not even close.

anyways, my car is turned off now, and tomorrow it's gonna be on and running for like... 10 or 11 hours. whitey's gonna jump start my truck in the morning to get me started. oh joy.

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