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Thursday, February 24, 2005

i was on a torch lighter kick to light bonghits for a while because i liked how the flame was all stiff and pointy and i felt like i was playing with a light saber lighting a toke off of my bong, good old Jennier Lopez.

but im back to rocking a Bic, because when you lose a Bic it ain't a $5 ouch... it's more like... "if i wait long enough i bet i can steal that guys lighter over THERE."

i never actually steal with intent, it's always an oops, but i never return the lighter, i figure it's just how Bics work... it's like there's a community pool of them, and you just have to hang on tight when you find one with the child proof pre-removed.

i guess those cheaper more shitty lighters that you can buy for 50 cents are ok too. you know those ones that are translucent and are almost as common as a Bic Lighter. but they always break in my clumsy hands, and i always think i'm two seconds from bowing up my face trying to light up a sqaure.

in fact i dusted of the trusty aim-n-flame lighter, which is cool because you know no ones gonna pocket that sondabitch. not unless they're desperate.

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