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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i think there is a good time and place to get into a fight. i think in fact, that there are times that it's unavoidable. when busting a pool cue over someone's skull is reall yhte only option you have left.

but it's not when someone disses me. being dissed is the last reason to beat the shit out of someone. didn't you mommy ever teach you that sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you?

and that being said, know when it is time to beat some ass? when it's more than words, when it IS sticks and stones about to break your bones.

FUCK THAT SHIT, no one breaking any of MY fuckin bones, doggies.

in back to the future, marty mcfly's dad beat up biff tannen because biff was not just mouthing off. he was in the car trying to climb up on marty's mom. that's cruisin for a bruisin, and no one can argue that.

but if the story was different, and biff only said and did disrespectful things to marty's dad, but never really was a threat... then marty mcfly's dad shoudl have just driven away, with a middle finger pointed back at biff.

the only thing fighting does most of the time is make your hands hurt. why do you want to get down and dirty to defend some warped idea of "honor"

i think having the ability to know what the consequences are helps a lot too. like those basketball guy that guy into that huge fight that involved fans... where was that Detroit? the basketball player got suspended and basically lost out on millions of dollars he would have made if he was allowed to play to full season.

would have it been smarter to let the fan throw a beer on him, and NOT get suspended... and MAKE MILLIONS, and bang basketball groupies, and do whatever the fuck basketball players do when they have a night off in a strange down, with all the money in the world to piss away? yes it would have been smarter.

instead he got to "defend his honor" and fight and let his EMOTIONS, not his brain, run the show.

if it was me, and i was the basketball player... i would have done NOTHING. and the fan would have been kicked out of the place forEVER, and i would look up his records later, and locate him, and pay a bunch of mexican day laborers i rounded up from Home Depot to demolish his house, while he's away at work.

yes, it's true.

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