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Friday, February 18, 2005


I think the hardest part about having a serious conversation, regarding something I feel passionate about is.... Making sure that the other person saw my point.

I struggle with it because it's an irrational need. I ask myself at times, "why do I need them to see my point so bad?"

or what can be equally frustrating is how badly the person wants me to agree with THEIR point of view. Which I won't.

and it's not because I don't understand their point, or that I am too stupid to grasp the concept they are struggling to articulate. I DO SEE THEIR POINT, and if they'd shut up for all of ten seconds, they'd let me make them understand that I see their point.

it's on the top of their cone shaped fucking head.

and the worst part is that im as bad as they are. They wont see my point, I wont see theirs, and both of us are shouting over eachother, trying to see who's gonna win the filler-bustering contest.

no one wins that contest by the way.

what I am making an effort to do from now on, is SHU TTHE FUCK UP and listen for a change.


I pretend like im listening a lot of the time, but im really just nodding and smiling and repeating what I want to say over and over in my head, so's not to forget it.

i want to sit back, and listen, and LET GO of my pithy ideals for just a moment. Long enough to actually understand and contemplate a thought I KNOW is retarded. Just to say I gave it my best shot.

here's what happens, the person you granted tolerance to feels stoked that SOMEONE HEARD THEM FOR ONCE. And guess what, it's just like how the quickest way to getting your dick sucked is eating pussy... THEY will now patiently listen to YOU.

and that's all a creep like myself wanted in the first place turn with the Mic.

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