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Saturday, February 26, 2005

i love when someone finds out i don't believe in god, and suddenly want to offer what they call "proof" of his extistence.

lemme start off with how much i revel in their stupidity. there is no proof, there never has been, there never will be... there never even COULD be proof of god's existence. they're ignorant to the fact that their religion is based on FAITH.

and faith, simply put, is believing in something for no good reason, other than... because you want to.

just like me believeing there is no god is what i have faith in.

but the proof they throw at me i find funny too. here's a common one, "well... there's the Bible!" as though it alone should be all the proof i need.

welp, it's not. there's a lot of religious books, btw. there's the koran, i think the jews have their own book. and there's totally different belief systems like bhuddism that aren't even in teh same universe of logic as christianity.

the bible exists, so you believe what's written in it? you beleive in a magical dude named jesus, who was a wino, and hung out with dudes way too often.... because it's in a BOOK?!?!

do you believe in Peter Pan too? what about comic books... are the X-men for reals? where do you draw the line?

another piece of "proof" they tell me is, "look at the beauty of nature. only a divine entity could create such wonderous beauty."

well that's not proof, idiots. i mean all that proves to me is that nature can be pretty. sometimes. big whup.

but the most odd bit of proof hurled in my direction, is the tragedy made into something "good" scenario. let me give an example.

some guy might say something like, "my wife was murdered, i was laid off from my job, but thanks to god i got a winning lottery ticket for $50."

um... if i believed in god i wouldn't thank him for the lottery ticket, i'd fucking bitch his ass out for taking my wife and my job. where was god then, huh buddy? that's when you needed him. not when you bought a scratcher for the bigspin.

i don't think it's bad if you want to believe in god, and in fact... at times the "good semaritan" spirit behind christian ethics does good things, like feeding homeless, ect.

but i think christians are full of shit in a way, because the majority of the ones i have met are always trying to make me believe in what THEY believe. they don't want to offer me the tolerance of believing what i choose.

btw, this is the same tolerance i grant THEM to believe what they want. i never try and convert people into thinking god doesn't exist. i think what a person wants to believe should be their own perogative, i don't know it all, and really... what do i care man? it's YOUR life to live how you wanna.

and with that, this is MY life. back the fuck off.

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