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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i love smelling my bong hits in my pinched finger grip, getting to the core of the various hints of foresty flavors. or perhaps a little tinge of skunk bud to tease the nostrils with delight. one never knows until one dares to venture a journey down olfactory lane.

that bonghit im smelling right there in that picture of me on my sofa in front of my retarded pictures that i staple hammered to my wall after i downloaded them off some random website because i wanted to decorate as cheaply and as ghettoly as possible... yah THAT bonghit... welp, that one smelled kinda tarty, and even a little fruity... but whats super illin about it is, that if i had to pin point which fruit it most closestly resembles... i'd have to say NO FRUIT... but rather the taste of fruit loop cereal.

yes, it's most certainly and undeniably TRUE. you betta axe sombody.

Alll the Tucan Sam fruit-looped-goodness, without any of the lactose intolerance.

damn lactose all to hell, i hate him, or is lactose a "she"? that bitch.

i haven't eaten all day, not once, i just forgot to or something, and now i have no Car (or car battery) until i wake up because i totally flaked out on pep boys once again, so i have two choices, ORder gros pizza that i dont want to eat, or eat my deodorant (speed stick, musk scent)

i hate pizza. its like buying a $15 piece of card board with construction-paper-pepperoni's glued to it. num-num in my tum-tum, YOU BETCHA!!!

im in a rutt and i WANT OUTTTTT.

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