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Monday, February 28, 2005


i guess there's this guy who wrote a book about George W. Bush, and he has these taped interviews that me made without Geroge w knowing he was being recroded, and in one part of the book, the president apparently admits to smoking weed, and he went on to criticise Al Gore for being honest admitting he had smoked it to the public becuase, (and i quote)
"...i don't want some kid going and doing what i did."

well if i had a face to face with the president, id like to ask him why he thinks it was ok for him to find out for himself how weed works and how he feels about it, BUT... but he doesn't want everyone else to be able to think for themself.

i guess HE did all the thinking for us, and we should just turn our brains off and be thankful.... i guess that's what george bush thinks america is all about.

i think it's a problem that stems to how people raise thier children. it is BAD if you over protect your child.

it's important for bad things to happen to your kid.

it's good for your children to fall down, to make mistakes and bad choices, and to figure out for themselves how they feel about it, and how to either cope with it and/or fix it.

i can't learn how to fix my problem unless im allowed to CREATE my problem.

im happy that my identity has been stolen and my credit ruined. im glad that i have been robbed at gun point and shot at. im stoked that i've been broke and starving. i think it's good that i have been so broken hearted i couldn't breath. and i should thank my lucky stars that i got a broken fuel pump leaving me stranded miles and miles away from civilization.

the more bad things that happen to me, the more i learn how to easily resolve those bad things.

there's children playing soccer games here in america that don't keep score, because the parents don't want anyone's feelings getting hurt by being on the losing team. so now there's no winner and no loser, everyone's happy right? wrong. being a loser is JUST as important as tasting victory. BECAUSE THAT'S FUCKING LIFE, MAN.

i think parents that overly-help their children are (without realizing it) acting as a crutch, and making thier child weak, and dillusional.

it's dangerous when people stop living in reality, and create faker saftey bubble worlds that they live in. reality = truth = mental stability.

stop lying.

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