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Thursday, February 17, 2005


"at least we're number 1..." is what you'll hear the stereotypical ugly american say. as if to say, "i have an imaginary international contest, and im WINNING!!!"

it's stupid not only because why are these idiots keeping score?, but also... they forget that the idea of which country is THE BEST is subjective.

take for example bushmen like one of those black dudes from "the gods must be crazy" who made all those clicks and whistles instead of talking, i doubt they think USA is number 1. they couldn't even hang with a coke bottle from western civilization.

not to mention that i bet USA has more depression than the bushmen, more murder, more illness, and more poverty.

i bet you the bushmen's village is a lot better place to grow up than the hostile environment today's latch key kids face.

american's are affraid to not be #1. i'm not sure where this irrational fear comes from, but i think it's left overs from the cold war. and it's basically a propagated idea used to manipulate "the herds" into supporting the war effort.

"you wouldn't want america to slip into 2nd Best, now do you? we're number 1 and we're gonna stay that way."

i think america is too big, pushy, and powerful, and this contest it's having needs to end.

in a perfect world the solution is simple to me. the federal government is scaled back, WAY BACK, starting with national defense. SECONDLY, we give each seperate state more independence and indivual sovereignty.

and then the United States of America can have the states duke it out to see which is the #1 state. im guessing it will be a stand off between california, texas, and of course.... new york.

but at least the rest of the world will stop being the victim of america's imaginary competition.

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