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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


see, i love them because no one else does, and because they are modern day slaves, and no one wants to admit it. so i offer them my support, and i have their backs.

the truth is, there's no need for illegal aliens, and the united states of america (a place that boasts itself as the #1 cunt-ry) could easily prevent nearly 90 percent of illegal immigration into the country. it only exists because america ALLOWS it to happen.

america wants these illegals to come in and be CHEAP LABOR. modern day slaves.

america achieves this by allowing them to walk on over the border, and then never allowing them citizenship.

what this does is cause the illegal alien to have to get a lesser paying job. it strips them of any rights to vote, or be represented in the country they've moved to.

america has an immigration problem, because america WANTS an immigration problem.

an immigration PROBLEM is a cheap labor SOLUTION.

people who don't think about the whole scope of the issue will say stuff like, "yah get those filthy mexicans out of MYYYY country. they're taking our jobs!!!"

but that's retarded, because white people just aren't applying for the dishwasher position that pays small, and pays under the table. who's job are they stealing? i don't see the line cook union forming a picket line, so why are YOU?

people perhaps are unaware how much the work of illegal aliens benefits california. these voluntary-modern-day-slaves are hard workers (in general) and deserve to be treated with more respect and dignity.

give them the chance to get drivers licenes!!!! maybe traffic wont be so fucked if more people were issued actual DL's and were tested properly, ect.

the worst part of it all is, this is AMERICA. this land was built on people that came from somewhere else. in fact when white man came to north america, he committed genocide on the native american indians.

so perhaps we should be glad that mexican's aren't as murderous as white man.

lets be glad, and lighten up, and back the fuck off. got it?

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