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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, January 17, 2005

yah so i know i totally lose all my street cred for admitting it, butman, i listen to frosty heidi and frank, the mid day talk radio show in between howard stern and the tom leykis radio shogram.

and welp, i felt compelled to mention it because they are talking about how certain people can't use certain phrases with out sounding totally retarded. like when you preist tells you he had a "radical weekend!" or imagine of your grandma said "drop it like it's hot!"

well i can't say i disagree entirely but when they said that dude was making a come back that's when i ALMOST called in. but that would be even lamer than bloggin about it, so im glad i went this route.

anyways. my point is, dude isn't making a comeback, IT NEVER WENT ANYWHERE.

"dude" "like" "totally"

maybe im just a dumb salt-water-stupid californian who is inept to the world he lives in... but dude is so universal a word that im for seriously naming my first born dude, and my second born will obviously be "rad".

or maybe awesome.

and yes i agree with them that anything ending in the word "izzle" needs to just stop. that's over now.

ok i feel better having said my piece. adios amigos.

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