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Monday, January 24, 2005

what's up tittie scabs?!

i made it to the bank in time, and now that means my check-card visa logo thingy is on deck, and i can buy fantabulous things via the innermanet.

and im going to buy tix to go to new york city, in february, and i'll only be there about 3 days, but it's a big deal, because i haven't been somewhere that far away in a long time. and i can't wait.

my friends there have all said that they're excited to see me, and that they can't wait to meet up for either a drink or a high five. whatever we happen to have time for.

i want to ride the subway, get snubbed by a taxi cab, and swept away in the rush hour siedwalk traffic.

i've been to new york before, twice before. the first time i was very young and with my parents and we stayed in a hotel i'd never be able to afford in this lifetime, and i did all sorts of fun touristy things, like make it to the top of the statue of liberty... the empire state building, and eating in the rainbow room.

we saw the meuseam that's all spiral, or whatever googen-something.

the time i went after that was to visit a girlfriend i was dating that moved there for school. it was about a month after my visit that her and i where thruough.... but that visit was so much super tight.

i didn't have a hotel to crash out at (i slept in her dorm room on a bed that barely fit HER alone) and i didn't have any money for anything (everything in new york costs a lot) but i walked the streets alone. doing my thing, figuring my shit out... and if new york is anything to a californian... it's...

well fuck man, it's another planet.

there's not shit like that here at all.

all i want to do this time is chill out man. go no where, and just be there, and see a few people who i want to meet up with. that's it. no sight seeing, not really.

i actually dont even intend to make it into manhattan. fuck that place, iv'e seen it.

plus i need a good dose of, "this cold bitch ass weather is why you live where you live" because thats always nice.

so... now that the guts have been spilled on le glob, i shall do what i said, stimulate the airline economy.

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