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Friday, January 21, 2005

what's being shy all about really? All i can think of is two words when i encounter a shy person. "shy... WHY?!"

because being shy is a subcatagory of shame, and it's not allowed.

that's right space-jesus, im talking to you, and you heard me correctly. That is not allowed.

take your hands out of your pockets. Stand tall and proud. Don't mumble, stutter or speak too quietly... And just try to relax, will yah?

jeeze man...

and clean yourself up for chrisakes... i mean just look at yourself. is that the image of success? is that what you pictured of yourself when you thought you'd magically make it rich? i didn't think so.

you're stuck in your ways, and you continue to sell yourself short.

i mean let's face it... you just ain't thinking big, man. not at all. NOT AT ALL. because swinging for the fences doesn't mean you say "life is as good as it's going to be, and im happy with what i got"

it means you say, "fuck this shit!" and dig your hells into the dirt as you THROW that boulder up and finally OVER the fucking mountain. more like kicking it like a fucking soccer ball. or futbol for my "Latino audience"

i refuse to believe this is what you wanted for yourself. i know you're not dreaming, and i think you hate yourself for it everyday because you KNOW IT, and knowing it ten times worse than the shmuck walking down the avenue all clueless, because ignorance is bliss....

but you're not ignorant...

you're smart....

wasting away your potential for bigger better greater things.

things that are there and waiting for a person like you to grab up.

sacrifice, eh? it's not that you're shy... it's that you can't wait for the delayed gratification. i see it now. it all makes sense to me.

you could go and try and get your dreams, but you worry about failure.

if you can't achieve your DREAMS and you fail.... what do you have left? one might ask themselves. but that's the fear talking.

that's not how men move mountains with their hands.

failure is a state of mind. it's giving up on yourself. if you're not going and getting your dream, you failed before you ever even started.

i've yet to make my mark on this place. planet urff hasn't seen jack shit of what im capable of. pussy footing around until 3am, sleeping all day, jerking off like it's a marathon.

im biding my time, and big things are coming. you haven't a god damned clue.

har har. to YOU, buttlicks.

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