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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

what hangs from my mouth is the last dunhill menthol cigarette that big tanky (who has a new blog, btw) left behind for me to smoke, from when she was here using my laundry facilities.

i watched that show the medium, and decided that it's going to be my last time watching that show.

whitey left way before that, but not before he ordered a pizza that neither tanky or i could even consider eating.

it had olives, so i wouldn't touch it. and it had meat (sausage) so tanky was out.

lloyd got taken to the hospital today, and we're all very worried about him.

i guess he was working with whitey and wasn't feeling too hot, and before long he was puking blood, whitey said, "it was coming out like a running faucet" and an ambalance had to be called, and the viking and whitey and myself were all on the phone with each other.

whitey standing next to lloyd and the paramedics, me sitting here biting my nails, and the viking pacing his house shouting at whitey to find out more about what the fuck is going on.

whitey's mom is like head nurse at whatever hospital taht lloyd got sent to, and that's good, because lloyd is family to us... and when i thought the worst about his health... when i first heard the news... i had no idea i would get so emotional.

so FUCK YOU LLOYD, you better get your ass better. because we're not ready for you to bone out on us yet.

im out now cuz stern's on the radio, and i need more cigs and perhaps a pint of ice cream. because ice cream helps me feel better.

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