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Thursday, January 27, 2005

the timeline for my job tomorrow:

5am arrive at home depot to stock up on last minute tools and supplies.

5:30am pick up my helper for the day, Mark, from torrance.

5:45-6am fill my truck with all the signs that are at my uncles house waiting for me. grab the checks that are waiting for me. and leave behind the flags that i bought from downtown LA.

7:15am-10:30am arrive at the sale in santa fe springs and begin dressing the site, and building large signs to decorate the the edges of the parking lot that go along the street, and put flags along the fenceline.

11am get the signwalkers prepared and distributed through out the city on their propper locations.

11:30am the clock starts for the signwalkers to start waving at the cars.

11:45am i check in with the promoter, pick up a check from him, and head off to the bank to deposit it, and to cash the check i have for my signwalkers payroll.

1pm-2pm im back from the bank, so my helper mark and i begin to build the small signs that we will put out in the streets on friday. (you never put out signs on a thursday in the street, because the city code enforecment will pop your ass. always start on a friday afternoon)

5:30pm with the signs built and put away neatly by the used car sale's security guard tent, you collect and pay off the signwalkers, and let them know the hours for the next day.

5:45pm check in with the promoter once again, and find out how the sale went, and see if their are any concerns he wants me to adress. if everything is ok, i shake his hand and let him know i will arrive at about 8:45am the following day.

5:50pm drive home, and sing along to the radio while mark smokes cigarettes and makes uncomfortable small talk.

7-7:30pm arrive at home and hit the bong.

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