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Friday, January 21, 2005

this is an anti-drug blog post.

WD-40 stops cocaine use

see, i've heard of people sniffing coke off toilet lids in public bathrooms. but i never believed it.

im no coke head, but yes, i have had my fun in bathrooms with other fiends, amping ourselves to the max.

but we always rocked a key. or someone would have one of those cocaine bullets, or perhaps a chick would have a lil mirror with her. whatever.

but i don't know, call me crazy... butif the toilet was the only viable option... i'd just go to my car and grab a CD case or some shit.

honestly, the reason i dont do cocaine anymore, besides it being the type of drug that i will get all OCD on and ruin my life over.... it's just gross.

you never know whatcher getting, and that terrible nose feeling for the next few days is never worth it to me.

have i mentioned that all the coke heads i never knew had anger issues? not just a coincidence...

so im thinking, if you go into the bathroom with your friends to snort coke of toilets. you deserve the nose bleed you will likely get. because sniffing anything off a public toilet sounds fucking retarded to me.

go smoke a joint like a normal person.

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