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Friday, January 21, 2005

there's not really any weed in the house, but that's fine. im not even freaking out like i normally would be.

NORMALLY... i'd start twiddling ALL of my fingers feverishly (like jazz hands) and would be looking around the house, and the floor for lost bits and peices of pot.or whipping out bong parts, and pipe thingies, so that i can get a nice pile of resin going for myself.

the pretty side of an addiction.

i just got off the phone with dealer mcdope and he says his day job might let out early, he might be home HOURS before the normal ETA. this is a good sign.

if he still has the orange roughey, that will be an even better sign. i loved that batch.

but yah... im not trippin too bad.

oh shit! i just remembered that the ashtray idea sent me from the philipines is full of old weed bits!

it's mostly stems and shake and scraps in there, but if i dig through, and do a bit of manicuring, i bet i can gather enough to get high for 5 seconds!

la dolce vida!

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