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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

so this weekend i had a hunch i was going to be flung off to Simi Valley to do a sign sale, and i was gearing up for it, i even looked on the map to plot out my strategy.

so now instead, im being hurled at Santa Fe Springs. also known as, santa gay springs, because they wont let us do signs in that city. not even signwalkers.

now listen, this is actually an area that we as sign guys know a lot about. and a person's right to hold a sign is really a first amendment issue, and if we had the time and/or energy to take things to court, we'd win everytime.

but we only have one weekend, and we're gone, worrying about some new cities uptight code enforcement.

whitey and i did santa fe springs together recently. the viking even swung on by and threw down his thumb print of approval on the sale, add a few touches to make it tits how he likes it.

so it'll be totally formula, and i even know where the santa fe springs city limits all are, so i can get our signwalkers NICE and CLOSE to where they need to be.

the guy i'll be working for has an interesting profile lately. he used to be cool as a cucumber, no prob bob styles all the way home. now he rides you and sketches out on things, and you can tell he's got something he's up to. we can only speculate as to what it could be...

im just glad because even tho i don't have a double sale to get rich from... i have a 5 dayer. which is basically just as tight.

i will go for it with no helper, and i have the luxury of BRAND NEW SIGNS, because re-use signs are cool for getting us jobs week after week, but every sign guy loves new signs.

they're all crisp and shiny and clean.

tomorrow is my last day off before i start going comando for the weekend.

you don't know "living" until you're running through the streets of some random southern california barrio barking at the moon and screaming, "MUTANDO LAS CHUPACABRAS!" as high pitch as humanly possible, with a wooden stake raised over your head in each hand.


right now we're not sure exaclty how we are going to get all the signwalkers i need to my sale, because we're short of people with cars this weekend... but we're proffesionals. we'll handle it.

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