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Monday, January 31, 2005

so i've sat here and tinkered around and twiddled my thumbs, and sung out loud, "tra la la", i did a liitle dance, i made a little love, but i just can't get down tonight. not down to bed. not for the life of me. all i can do is smoke my kush away. but im trying not to. i just like having it near me to smell it.

i don't know how many years, and how many people, have mentioned the idea of either an incent that smells like good weed, or a spray, or some kind of air freshener... but i know it's a lot. we talked about it this weekend, because the jack herrer that my cousin had is equally stench ridden.

god dammit. i yawn every ten seconds, but when i lie down, my mind starts racing around like the tazmanian devil. i think im just anxious for this job to be over, because then it's no more work until after New York.

i want to buy some new york pot while im there, and the good news is, jamie said he might know a guy. but if he doesn't knwo a guy, im sure we can find a guy. it's never muy difĂ­cil.

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