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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

So a few months ago i got a traffic ticket for tailgating the car in front of me.

truly a bullshit ticket if i ever got one, indeed. but no big deal, the plan was to just go to court, and handle my shit, and end up doing traffic school which would erase it off my DMV record, and make it so my car insurance stayed at the current price that they OVERCHARGE me on, so that i can drive legally within my fine state.

ok well, remembering to go to court was like no as easy as i thought it was, i guess i should buy a calendar. or maybe i should just not be such a rucking fetard.

so then the collection notices started pouring in. "GIVE US $648.00 OR GIVE US YOUR BALLS!"

and basically it comes down to, if you don't pay, you're license is GONE. it's defunct. it's as useful as a wooden nickel.

well after much stress, and worry, and scrimping, and trudging through the holiday season, TODAY I FINALLY PAID IT. saaahweet!

i called up and dealt with miss young. collection agency people always have names like that. Mr. black. Miss Torrez. whatever. i think it's because they tend to piss people off, and don't like to have their full name out there. but i don't know, maybe collection people are all just very paranoid.

so what sucks is... the last time i had to pay a collection agency to get my driver's license back, they did all the DMV filing for me automatically as part of their "service" AND THIS TIME it's not that way at all. they want me to fucking go to the fucking courthouse, window 21, and ask for an abstract, whatever the fuck that means.

i hate my life.

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