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Sunday, January 23, 2005

the sign business has an interesting history.

it was one man's vision. he invented the idea of a signsale with signwalkers. it was his idea, his company, and eventually those were HIS millions of dollars that were made in the process.

signs grew and grew, and soon there were operations that reached across the entire country. from the north east to southern california, and back again.

my cousin mike worked for that company, and was one of their MVP's being sent all across the country to manage and head up important going-ons. his comany car was a lincoln navigator, and it was pretty ill, lemme tell ya.

the signs have had such a powerful impact over the last 20 years they've been in operation, that almost 90% of the cities we try and do signs in TO THIS DAY, have enacted their own city ordinances banning signs and signguys. yes, it's true.

so like any good business idea, competitors started to take advantage of the cash cow known as signs. and also, in the process of this guy who invented signs becoming a millionaire.... he also became a crack head.

and what's scarier than a crack head with a million dollars? nothing.

this crackhead, he fucked up the sign business something fierce. he's undercut his competition, driving the price down, and ruining it forever. for everyone. a sign guy used to make three times what i make. how fucked.

the crackhead would also do straight up FUCKED things to competing sign businesses. like call the city code engforcement for where someone was going to do a sale, and rat them out, and fuck over their business.

that's shady.

it got so bad, and he became SUCH a crackhead, that his business was taken over by the banks and his employees, and he was ousted and blackballed and moved to las vegas, where we heard very little about him.

there was a rumor that someone gave him a sign job, and he put out the signwalkers, and ran off with the signwalking payroll, and screwed everyone over. so like.... same old same old.

but now there's a new angle being worked. and we dont like it, we intend to block all chances of it working out.

one of our competitors has hired the crackhead back on as a consultant, and a deal maker.

the truth is the crackhead DOES have more connections than anyone, and could steal an account or a client from you with just a few carefully chosen words from his lying mouth.

well guess what... we are working on ideas to snuff out the crackheads chances of fucking with OUR company (at least our company) and he can go back to vegas, and never be heard from again. like he was sposed to do.

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