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Sunday, January 23, 2005


the right to bear arms makes no sense in the world we live in today.

our forefathers made that shit up back when there weren't Uzi's, Semi Automatic Assault Rifles, and AK 47's.

the right to bear arms was the right to own a gun that took 20 minutes to re-load.

what does the right to bear arms do for americans these days? why do you need a gun? how is that gun, and the "right to go buy it" going to help you and your family?

oh i get it, you think that when an intrudor breaks into your house, you will have your fancy lil boom-stick, and you're going to fucking blow his fucking head off. because as you say, "it's either kill or be killed!"

or another reason i hear gun freaks talk about why we should never restrict the right to bear arms is, "IF YOU TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS, THE CROOKS WILL STILL FIND A WAY TO GET GUNS, AND WE WILL BE HELPLESS!!"

but why don't they think about THIS for a change. if you mnake it harder to get guns, there will be fewer guns, and fewer guns, and...

in canada if someone shoots off a gun, it's like FRONT PAGE NEWS, because no one has guns, because guns are hard to get, and welp, life is less deadly as a result.

i think the right to bear arms makes america a dangerous place. more dangerous than if NO SUCH RIGHT existed.

i read a blog written by a person who voted for george w. bush, and who has thier mind all clouded with terms like "LIBERAL" and "CONVERVATIVE" or whatever. they think the democrats (as a whole) are foolish for wanting gun control. i think they need to step outside themselves and not identify with one group's IDEALS so often.

there are no red or blue states. i dont even know what that's sposed to mean.

how about people are people? hows that for a crazy idea?! stop pigeon holing yourselves by saying you are on the left, or on the right, or whatever. stop thinking of ideas as "a liberal idea" or "a conservative idea" because that's just low brow side choosery, and not thinking for YOURSELF.

people dont know this, but the idea of conservative and liberal has been force fed to americans to boost radio talk show ratings.

the combine will try to make you believe things like, "you are one of US, or you are one of THEM. now are you with us, or are you with the terrorists?"

there is no black and white, im sorry. i know that means you might have to do some thinking of your own, and not just follow what a radio talk show host tells you to follow. or that lousy preacher you listen to. or whoever you listen to...

the truth is you should take everything that everyone says with a grain of salt. it's good to hear what they have to say, but dont believe anything, until you went and found out for YOUR OWN DANMED SELF.

i read on a seperate conservative blog that they were annoyed with the protestors during the inauguration. they said, "nothing was going to change that day, what did they think would happen? dont these people have jobs?"

that's the most un american thing i have ever heard in my entire life.

what that blogger failed to realize is that while she's feverishly punching out blog posts to defend the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, she's also talking shit about the right to peacefully assemble and protest.

what was the point in protesting? how about getting your voice heard. how about protesting to be doing all you can for something you believe in.

something that *I* personally find admirable to the 100th power.

the president works for you and i, never forget that. and when i work for someone, if im not doing what they want me to do... im going to hear complaints, no doubt about it.

and so will g dub, for four years. you know this, stop acting like protesting is so hard to understand. bitch.

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