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Thursday, January 20, 2005

the reason i look up to my best friend from highschool, named ryan alan white, is because he has had it figured out since day one when i met him in seventh grade and we were busy smoking cloves behind the science building.

i've always been more of an uptight mama's boy. not that ryan isn't a mama's boy too, in fact currently he's the bigger one of those. but what im talking about is't help from mommy. im talking about how whitey sees the world.

his dad is famous in the medical feild for inventing the procedures for cardio laser surgery. his mom is a career Registered Nurse, and whitey? whitey thinks that dr's and nurse's are full of shit, and would rather do a thai chi set any day of the week, in place of eating a pill

part of the reason we are all so busy this next weekend is because WHITEY is going out of town. a vacation with a girlie from santa cruz.

Mr. 3 DUI's, unpaid lawyer bills, ect ect, is taking a damned vacation?! brilliant.

and that's whitey for you. no one knows how to take time to laugh at life like he does.

sometimes when you bring whitey into a new group of people, some of them dont get "it" they dont get what whitey's all about... and i've seen him 86'd outta parties and bars for just being himself.

when i feel myself overloading with stress, and being unable to cope with things, i think to myself, "what would whitey do?" and that means stop for donuts, or a hot chocolate, or just light up a cigarette and laugh at the mess.

it feels much better when you laugh. and let all that you can't control roll off you back like water off a duck.

it makes me sad that you all can't meet whitey, and see what i mean first hand. but lemme tell you, it sould make you sad you can't meet him too.

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