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Saturday, January 22, 2005

the reason i hate sushi is because it's the ultimate fake out food.

no food is as hit or miss as sushi is. and sadly, it's never the sushi's fault. well almost never, there IS bad sushi, but that's a whole seperate blog post about how you shouldn't eat sushi that sucks (which should be obvious anyways)

so yah, what im saying is tht the sushi is always the same old shit, sitting there all pretty like a coloful little piece of art. it's a constant.

but your mood, and what you have done recently may cause the sushi to become inedible.

there was a time like two years ago that the viking and i got super coked up, and went to the sushi bar a few blocks from his old house on sunset strip. we walked in like kings of the castle. rock stars. shooting people dead with hands pointed into fake little guns. oh yah... bad asses for sure.

that is until the sushi arrived. if you do a few lines and eat a burrito, you're fine. if you do a few lines and try and eat sea urchen.... GOOD FUCKING LUCK BUDDY.

i never feel full from sushi either. where as eating @ el terasco, not only do i feel full, i am SO full that i worry that i may have broken or POPPED on of my vital organs.

now THATS geting it done.

not these little shiney turds they fucking serve on a cube of rice. that's like trying to get full from a pez despenser.

i will attempt to eat sushi again, but next time, im getting way more stoned first.

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