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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


people who get their feelings overly hurt all the time are unbearably self centered.

oh now YOUR feelings are hurt? great. just what the situation needed.... for YOU to make things all about YOU.

take the example of a mom getting all butt-hurt because her daughter didn't ask her to prepare the food for the wedding, and instead hired a caterer, so she decides that she's "too hurt" to show up, and really...

she took a day taht was sposed to be all about her daughter, and twisted it, messed it up, and made things all about HERRRR...

i see it play out in all sorts of settings, and sadly im guilty of it at times as well.

taking a situation and flipping it all so that whatever it is, somehow becomes all about myself.

i think it's very telling of a person's maturaty level, when you can see how well they are able to get over themselves, and do the right thing rather than the selfish thing.

thankfully tho, my awareness of my own such behaviour, and will and drive to correct it is a sign of my own personal struggle to be all i can be.

the person id like to end up being is the one who is impossible to piss off. the one who you can not offend, and mostly the person who never LET'S GO CONTROL and thusly never get's their feelings hurt.

the secret to not getting your buttons pushed by people, and avoiding frustration like that...
is to not have buttons.

often times the attacks launched by insecure people are exaclty what point out THEIR OWN way of thinking. like when my cousin sasha tried to call me out and say that i only showed up to christmas because grandma and grandpa were handing out money.

i let it bother me, and i got my feelings hurt, because i beleived that there was maybe some truth to that, and she was perhaps speaking on behalf of others.

i was wrong because i asked around, and i found out that no one ever even considered such an idea, and really it reflects on my cousin sasha.. i guess now we know why SHE showed up, eh? because it was ONLY HER that even had that line of logic in their head.

also, way not to judge thy neighbor, you faker devout christian.

look at it like this, you have one of TWO CHOICES. either you control your feelings by never letting yourself become the adverse effect of someone's actions OR you surrender your feelings and you're really more like a human wind sock, dependent on everyone but yourself for your happiness.

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