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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

oh and here's a tip for people that actually still DO believe in God.

don't worship jesus...


that doesn't mean that you should go to home depot and buy the supplies it would take to crucify yourself. not that i would complain if you did (one less idiot)

and it doesn't mean to live a life the way he lived it, actiing all perfect all the time, because man, he wasn't all that anyways. i read somewhere he was totally laying the pipe to that mary magdalan person, twisting up doobies, ect.

look at that long hair and that beard, he's basically your average red neck partier. and in that way, you gotta love the guy...

but i digress... become jesus.

but don't do it like hitler either. that way won't work. but if you can pull off kidnapping the pope, props to YOUR ass. no doubt.

nevermind... this is a waste of breath.

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