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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

my penis is circumsized. but it didn't happen until i was 14 years old.

i guess when i was born my mom was talked into leaving me un-cut, because the doctors told her it was old fashioned and barbaric, and really over the top. why not spare your son the agony, and just let him keep his foreskin. he'll be happy about it later.

and really most of my life it wasn't even something i ever thought about at all. it was just little things that i had to worry about... such as pullling the skin back when i took a piss, so that it wasn't like a garden sprinkler splashing everywhere. and there was this one time at this summer camp that made the boys all shower in one of those giant jail showers, where you can all see eachother naked... and i DID notice that i was the only one rocking the jalepeno.

but i wasn't overly insecure about it or anything...

but because i had always had issues with this hernia thing since i was 3 months old, when i was 14 years old, they had to go in and operate again, and would be cutting me open in my abdomen, and welp... that's pretty close to my dick, so my mom spoke up, and gave me her two cents.

she said she had always regretted not getting me circumcised. that she was talked into it by these doctor guys who told her the times were changing, and they LIED, or at least were WRONG. because boys never stopped getting their foreskin cut by and large, here in america... and really, in her honest opinion... she thought sex might be less weird and awkward for me as an adult if my penis just looked like everyone eles's penis. (yes i think it's weird that my mom talked to me about it too)

so she left it up to me.

i had to go in for surgery anyways, and if i wanted my foreskin lopped off my weiner.... i could add that to the shopping cart as well.

so i did.

the reason i decided to do it the most, was that it's true what my mom said. people are all misinformed. they think it's "dirtier" or harder to keep clean, among many other weird ideas that hold no basis in reality.

a dick is a dick is a dick. sorry to burst anyone's bubble.

anyways, im sure you want to know about the recovery process...

the thing is, it was much more painful where they cut my abs to get to my hernia than where they cut my weiner. i could barely sit up for a whole week.

the penis had suture stitches all along the head, and you better beleive i thought i was going to die the few times i got boners that week. BLOODY FUCKING MURDER.

but eventually the suture stiches disolved and went away. and the rest is history.

but my advice to mothers out there is to just cut that shit off when he's young and dumb, like my mom should have.

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