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Sunday, January 30, 2005

my home phone was shut off for deliquent payments on thursday, because i gotta be me. and of course i can't pay it today, or even tomorrow, because why? i have an all consuming job! yay!

i can't be mad, because it's my own fault for not paying my bill, and consistently only paying to get my phone turned back on. never any other time.

so maybe they just zing me when they want to shake the money tree. who knows.

but it's fucking annoying when you want ot order a pizza, and then put the phone down because you want to not waste all THAT money that a pizza delivered costs, and think that maybe taco bell would be cheaper. ONLY TO FIND OUT LATER, when you are too lazy to leave for taco bell and go back to plan "A" which was pizza hut, that your phone is/was still disconnected!

nothing says classy like ordering a pizza from your pre pay cell phone, because you are too lazy to go to the taco bell that a two minute drive (literally) away.

fuck this, they put me on hold!!!!!

i have a rule that i dont wait on hold for pizza. if you put me on hold, you just lost my business for the night. ugh! me and my stupid rules, man, what good are they in a time like this?

fuck this im outta here.

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