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Sunday, January 30, 2005

long day.

i had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to fetch my helper mark from east side torrance and rush it to a home depot somewhere's, because a fw of the stick that uncle bill had given me for signwalking had snapped in the wind.

so we re build what needs correction, and wait for the signwalkers. but i start freaking out when there's only ONE, and not the normal 12 of them all lurking around the entrance to the McDonald's.

they fucking barely made it on time, actually four of them went out about ten minutes late, and i was one walker short still.

so i threw mark out there.

mark is a good sport, and sign walked like a champion.

i checked in with teh promoter, and could barely take a breath of relief when the viking called me and told me he was havinga car emergency and needed my triple A membership having self to RUSH OVER IMMEDIATELY, wich i did, and next thing i know i am in bell gardens, california, and im driving the viking, the viking's lady, and the viking's helper danny, to the place his F250 was towed to.

and about 20 minutes after that, him and i were dueling on the freeway, jockeying for position. the only two race cars on a freeway full of obstacles

we both went in opposite directions when we hit the 105E to the 605 interchanges. i went north to santa fe springs, and mike went south on the 605 towards whever he was going.

so now i was screwed out of taking the signs down at the normal time. usually we have them all taken down by the time the signwalkers are off werk. but i couldn't do that because my helper was signwalking, and so fuck it. i waited until mark got off his signwalking shift...

and i slaved him out while we fetched our 200 street signs spread through out the city.

i talk mark how i like the signs fetched, to optomize and expediate things along, and we were done lickity split.

i couldn't believe how fast it was, and the next thing i know im pissing behind the walmart, preparing the net i use to hold my signs in while i do Mach 10 on the freeway.

i work tomorrow, and there'll be traffic, and it will suck man. oh yah. big time.

sucking big time to the maximumation.

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