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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

just like when you creat anything from a painting to a song to a blog post, you start with nothing. and sometimes thinking of how to fill the blank space is harder than other times. or so i have been told.

i think thats bullshit tho, because there's always a running voice in my head talking to me, thinking in sentences and asking myself questions, and then coming up with answers.

(that's my cousin joey)
(you can see his bong over there by his laptop. it's a jerome baker.)

everything from simple stuff to the complex. like when i see a character stoll into the laundry mat im washing my clothes at, i might ask myself, "hah, who the fuck does this clown think HE is?" to the complex stuff like, "how high can i really truly get?!?!"

maybe it's just that i dont care if/when blog posts suck, because really... it's a blog man. it's lame and tacky, and i gave away my blogger sweatshirt because i felt like broadcasting my dorkdom that hard was just shameless on a level that even *I* can't acheive.

so yah, blog, log, shmog, dog, whatever. i write the down the dribble that floats into my head, the feelings i have, boring or not, and you shmucks are bored at work, so you read it.

or you look at the pics.

or you got fooled into clicking the link to here, and you prolly are one of those on site meter that read "visit length 0:00" so you aren't reading this portion where i say, FUCK YOU RANDOM SITE METER HIT PERSON... who needs you anyways? you dont know jack shit about me. except for all the wonderful things that i brag about... and pictures showing my "good side"

people are so weirded out by having their own fucking blog, and i dont get it. for example the people who are trippin out on how they are going to be percieved. who cares?! i mean... i look like a damn fool on a regular basis with bad grammer, mispelling easy words, and documenting what a hypocrate i am.

i say something ironically racist to make fun of it, and get emailed about being a racist. i dont write about girls in my life so people email me asking if im a fag. christians write to me about quitting drugs and finding god. and girls email me thinking i will talk to them.

mostly i just find it interesting, the same way tanky and i laughed our asses off at the name boback spoto on one of my spam mails. interesting, but not to be taken very serious.

it's the internet afterall, and you all are fucking creepy. almost as creppy as i am.

i hoe somebody takes offense to this blog post, that's my personal favorite reaction. straight up anger. but i doubt it, because this feels like it's going to be quite un-readable. at this point i just trying to see how long i can the post to be.

oh yah another thing. taxes. i'm going ot settle up with the IRS now before it's too late. if worse comes to worse i'll owe more money than i ever believed i could ever make in a lifetime. or at best, i get a good insurance guy who works a miracle.

if you've read my blog for very long you know im not exactly what they call "lucky" when it comes to matters of the law. in fact "unlucky" doesn't apply either. stupid.... now thats a good description.

well hey. i have no excuse, but i can do one of two things. bitch about it, or handle it. this is the year of SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY and i am not going to wait until im filthy rich to get audited. nahmean?

in that movie BLOW thats what they ended up popping the drug smuggler for, i beleve. yes its true, he's serving hard time for tax evasion.

then again this could be the perfect reason to move to costa rica and kiss this life good bye. but i derno... how many tacos can you eat before you want soem pizza? nahmean?

i have to piss, i'll perhaps decide to write more ramblings when i return. PUBLISH

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