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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

it's not about smoking all your pot all day long so you maintain some sort of WEAK high all day, and go to bed weezing, hoping that dealer mcdope will be able to help you re-up your stash the tomorrow.

if you're on that train, you need to find a new DRUG to give a bad name to, because weed stands for something more soulful than bullshit like that.

getting high is a gift from the gods, and if it's illegal to grow marijuana, then that makes GOD himself a lifer behind bars.. jebus too.

when you smoke your weed... smoke more than you need. get so high, your eyes feel pushed to the edge of your face, and your skull feels lightweight like there's helium inside.

take as deep a hit as you can take, and HOLD IT IN. if you start to cough while you hold it in... DONT GIVE UP! fight it off... BE A MAN! (even if you're a woman)

sometimes, when i hold it in like that, everyting goes sorta dark, and i forget where i am, what im doing, and if i do it Just right, i derno who the fuck i am. we call it "entering the deathstar" for obvious reasons, and i have entered the deathstar in WEEKS.

im starting to get pissed, man.

it's not the weed, its me. i need to chill. i need to SLOW DOWN.

my name's sposed to be anti, not turbo-smokestack-supreme

ok.. here. i'll prove my point journalistically, by doing a B-load right now in mid post and seeing what the results are.

alright i broke apart the nug, and made sure i have a nice even spread for a phatassed milky one. where's my bic... ok.. here i go....

ok that first hit was nice and stuff. but i dont think i lit it propperly enough. either way i coughed my head off. but NO death star. this is getting infuriating. lemme snap this bowl through... so i can light my cigarette, you know thats how i roll. ok brb.

ok well fuckit. maybe the deathstar shouldn't be a goal im so focused on...

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