Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

it's 5pm and i am stuck innorth hollywood, bound by shitty traffic. i meani could go out and fight my way down the 405... but what's the point? so i can get home in time to check my emails?

seems futile... especially when here at the viking's house i have all the things i could ever wish for. beers. bonghits. and internet. mike even has GTA San ANdreas, and i just recently learned that it's not grow street after all, it's grove street, and mike gave me so much shit, because as he put it, "of all the people i know no one pays more attention to graffiti, and then, this whole time, you thought it was GROW street? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH"

yah well, what can i say. i gotta be me.

anyways, now im hungry and thanks the abner for the email about your bursitis. i think i would do that injection shit if i wasn't so scared of it. i think there's perhaps another way, and im searching it out, believe me, anything is better than pain, so if worse comes to worse, i will get a cortezone or whatever it is.

white and the viking got a head start on making fliers for the company, but big pimp daddy antidis is here to throw some know how on top of the mix.

making my blook taught me all these things i didnt' realize i learned, like making PDF's and dealing with printing issues like bleed, red/blue ratios on a photogragh. and thanks to jamie of the for buying my book. he's the most recent consumer of antidis merchandise... and undoubtedly.. THE LAST on i will have for a while. unless you people all at once win it big in some high stakes Keno game.

id love to continue this woderful chance for you all to get updated on frivolously mundane details about my life... but i can't smoke cigs in this house. so im off to n-joi my vices. pease.

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