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Monday, January 24, 2005

i spent my hard earned money on this today:

that's what the weed that dealer mcdope is selling looks's not as tastey as the orange roughey batch... but i like it, none the less. see how spikey it is? that means extra heavenly goodness.

i understand that people are trying to say their weed is superior to california weed when they say, "weed from cali sucks, man." and i even believe them that they have the better pot, and we are deprived because our pot is not as nice.

but look at that pic... we may not have the world's best pot, im not trying to claim that. im jsut saying... we ain't hurting, and our weed definitely doesn't suck.

i dont smoke parliament lights anymore on the basis that they are the world's most chemy tasting cigarette. camel lights baby... thats my flavor for right now. loving that turkish blend.

and big ups hardliquid for always taking inapropiate pictures of his girlfriend jax. who doesn't love a guy like that?

he lives in oregon where the weed is undoubtly cheaper, better, and more plentiful. but los angeles has higher crime, and more smog, and one of the world's largets homeless population.. TOP THAT!

i wish i was tired.

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